Good evening, awesome to be here….

Lets spend a minute walking around and greeting each other, gently and respectfully, with these words: welcome to the gathering my friend! High fives encouraged.


Ok, gather round, my name is Jeremy and I am the founder of Evolvr – quick intro


Tonight we are going to explore spirituality as an adventure rather than as a competition.


For as long as humans have lived in community, those communities have had their specific gods and goddesses. Gods and Goddesses, of the lake, the mountain, Territories grew, competition became fierce

Which brings me to BBQ’s. I love BBQ’s, anyone else love BBQa’ give me some emoji’s…right….

Humans have always loved BBQs and whats better than a BBQ, a BBQ competition, which brings me to the first story I want to tell you tonight.  It is about a famous BBQ competition.


You see when the Jewish people were just becoming the jewish people, we are talking many thousands of years ago they broke off from a people who lived in the low lying valleys and worshipped a god named Baal, a cool looking horned guy who made the rain and dew and ensured fertility. An important god.


But the Jews had this new God, YHWH. Well it wasn’t so clear yet what this God was good at, or what he looked like. So the prophet Elijah had to prove to everyone that this new God was cool, so what does he do, he challenges the four hundred high priests of Canaan, the Baal worshippers, to a BBQ contest. Seriously. He had eight hundred bulls slaughtered, put four hundred over there and four hundred over there and told the priests to have Baal get a BBQ going and cook the bulls. He even offered them a four hour head start. And of course mocked them the entire way. I am not making this up, the First Testament claims that he threw such zingers there way as” Maybe you need to pray louder, and maybe your god is just busy going to the bathroom. Ouch, talk about a mic drop. So then, after four hours of this, Elijah pours water all over his four hundred bulls, and then offers up one simple prayer and then whamo, instant fire, and instant amazingly sacrilicious proof that his God, Yahweh, was better. Its quite a statement. Obviously totally destroyed the house of Baal, I a mean when was the last time you heard about them.


And this kind of competitive religious energy has been with us ever since. In fact, its just gotten a lot worse since then, as we graduated from BBQ cook offs to full on warfare in the name of religion and spirituality.


But here we are now, in the 21st century, and I believe, and I know so many of you believe, that it is time for something different. It is time forr a place where we can be free to explore, encouraged even, and supported in our journey with appropriate resources and questions for our answers.


The idea behind this community, EvolVR, and this Gathering, is exactly that. We believe that instead of a competition, Spirituality should be an adventure of Ideas. That we should stay curious and open-minded and that we should celebrate our differences and learn from them. I want to make a confession: I don’t know anything. I wasn’t born with any special knowledge, and even though I have spent the last thirty years studying the worlds religions, I have yet to attain anything even close to spiritual enlightenment. But one thing I am pretty sure of is that there is not one truth big enough to hold everyone’s experience perfectly. Not only is spiritual exploration healthy, having lots of ways to understand the world, even ways that at times appear contradictory, just makes sense when you have a planet with over 7.5 billion people on it.  

Another thing I am pretty sure of is that any good adventure needs good friends and fellow travelers. To pick us up when we are down, to share their amazing insights with us, to hold us accountable, for so many reasons…and so that is what we are trying to create here, a container for people to gather and share our separate journeys together. So if that sounds like something you might be interested in, welcome home, and if it doesn’t, I hope we can be a helpful step on your journey to wherever that place is for you.

Now, to begin exploring the incredible diversity of thought in this room we are going to play one of my favorite games, called Spectrum of Belief.


Topics for Diversity of Beliefs exercise

A. What is the number and nature of the deity(ies)?

1.   N - One God, a with a body, infinite, supreme, personal: the creator

2.   E - One god; simply all that is, or the container of all possibilities, or the sum of all energy

3.   S - Multiple personal gods/goddess/spirits

4.   W - No God

5.   C - Not sure or Something else


B. What are the origins of the physical universe and life on earth?

1.   N - God created the Universe

2.   E - Prime Mover: Some deity or being intentional started the universe but the laws of physics took over after that

3.   S - All matter and life forms are manifestations or illusions of the eternal absolute truth (ultimate truth, universal soul or mind)

4.   W - Natural forces like the big bang and evolution,

5.   C - Something else or not sure.


C. What happens to humans after death?

1.   N - Souls are judged and sent to heaven or hell

2. E - Re-births occur (continually or until uniting with god, or the ultimate reality, or attaining supreme bliss)

3. S - There is definitely an afterlife, but the specifics cannot be known or are unimportant, how we live our life is what matters.

4. W - There is no afterlife, when we die the screen goes black and we feed the worms. 

5. C - Or unsure or something else.


D. Why is their terrible wrongdoing in the world, or evil?

1.   N - Because God gave us free will and/or the devils temptations from good

2.   E - Ignorance of ones true existence as pure spirit and as one with the universal mind, truth, soul, etc.

3.   S - Egoism (self-importance) leads to desire, craving and attachment, which leads to wrong behavior.

4.   W - Something else

5.   C - Not sure.


E. Prayer is…

1. N - A way to talk to God and influence the outcome of events

2. E - A way to talk to God/Universe but to commune not influence

3.S - A way to put good energy into the world or direct good energy

4. W - A waste of time

5. C - Not sure or something else.


Meditation time – four leaders

Me: N , San-Shin: E, Tom: S, Parker: W



Come back  together choose someone you haven’t talked to, and share something from your experience from tonight.


Goodbye – thanks for coming, see you in two weeks!

Breathing meditation practice with video intro

Slowly begin to sync your breathing with the sound and image that you see before you…

Observe your breathing. Notice how your breath flows in and out. Make no effort to change your breathing in any way, simply notice how your body breathes. Your body knows how much air it needs.

Sit quietly, seeing in your mind’s eye your breath flowing gently in and out of your body.

When your attention wanders, as it will, just focus back again on your breathing.

Notice any stray thoughts, but don’t dwell on them. Simply let the thoughts pass.

See how your breath continues to flow...deeply... calmly.

Feel the air entering through your nose...picture the breath flowing through the cavities in your sinuses and then down to your lungs...

As thoughts intrude, allow them to pass, and return your attention to your breathing.


See the air inside your body after you inhale, filling your body gently.

Notice how the space inside your lungs becomes smaller after you exhale and the air leaves your body.

Feel your chest and stomach gently rise and fall with each breath.

Notice the stages of a complete breath... from the in breath... to the pause that follows... the exhale... and the pause before taking another breath...

See the slight breaks between each breath.

Now as you inhale, count silently... one

As you exhale,

Wait for the next breath, and count again... one

Continue to count each inhalation and exhalation as "one."


Compassion body scan

In the silence and the stillness, let your awareness sweep through your body and just notice if there's any obvious areas of tightness, of tension. Sense what wants to let go a little right now. You might sense a little bit of a loosening or softening around the shoulders. Perhaps a melting or a dissolving sensation inside the shoulders. Perhaps a softening of the hands. Let there be an openness to the chest, maybe a softening at the belly, relaxing through the pelvic region. Aware of the places of contact where your hands touch each other, the thighs, the legs, where your bottom touches the cushion or the chair, feet touching the floor. Just aware of the sense of pressure and warmth, and if you could feel your whole body from the inside out just sensing the tingling and the vibrating, the heat or the cool. This whole play of sensation. Including sound in your awareness, close sounds in the room. ... The appearing and the disappearing of these words. And the spaces between sounds, listening to the more distant sounds. Listening not just with your ears but with your whole awareness, letting sounds wash through, noticing with listening that there's nothing to do. Sounds appear and are known spontaneously by awareness. Sense the edgeless space that all sounds are appearing in. Just relaxing into that openness that's listening. Totally receptive, there's a listening to and a feeling of the whole changing flow moment to moment. It's quite natural for the attention to contract and go inside of thoughts, so you forget the awareness it's listening. When that happens, when you notice thinking, not a problem just to recognize, "Oh, OK. Inside a virtual reality." And then pause and reopen the attention and begin listening again to the sounds you actually hear instead of the thoughts in the mind. Listening with your whole awareness. Relaxed, receptive, just letting sounds wash through. Each time the mind drifts into thoughts is an opportunity to practice arriving again in presence. And in this meditation letting sounds be a home base, this open, relaxed presence. Listening to the changing flow of sounds. If you find some strong experience arises, pleasantness or unpleasantness in the body, to listen to and feel that in a very intimate way, allowing what arises to be there, offering that listening presence, accepting gentle. If some strong emotion arises, fear or sorrow, listening to and feeling that with the same receptivity as you might listen to sound. And when it no longer calls the attention, resting again in this openness and the silence that's listening to this life. You can begin fresh in any moment, just simply noticing where the attention is, and choosing to arrive again, bringing that friendliness and interest right back here, opening the attention to listen to the sounds that are appearing and disappearing moment to moment. You might relax in the body some, listening to and feeling the moment. In these last few moments, bringing that listening and receptive attention to the heart, just listening to your own heart, sensing the state of your heart in this moment. The intimacy of listening to and feeling the life that's right here, offering whatever prayer or blessing, wish of well­being to your own heart, whatever most resonates in this moment. Bringing to mind a dear one so that you're listening to and feeling that person, that being, their energy, offering whatever prayer, whatever wish or blessing resonates. And then sensing the heart space that holds all beings so that you're listening to the lives, consciousness and beings everywhere, offering your prayer.”

Notice now how your body feels.

See how calm and gentle your breathing is, and how relaxed your body feels.

Now it is time to gently reawaken your body and mind.

Keeping your eyes closed, notice the sounds around you. Feel the floor beneath you. Feel your clothes against your body.

Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Shrug your shoulders.

Open your eyes, and remain sitting for a few moments longer.

Straighten out your legs, and stretch your arms and legs gently.

Sit for a few moments more, enjoying how relaxed you feel, and experiencing your body reawaken and your mind returning to its usual level of alertness.

Guided Visualization journeys:

Forest guided meditation with object

Imagine you are standing in a forest. You can feel your bare feet upon the soft green grass. The trees are tall and create soft shade over you as they sway gently in the breeze.

You hear birds above you tweeting softly. You feel calm and happy. The leaves on the trees are deep green and fresh. Your fingers touch them as you walk through the forest. They are smooth and cool. You move slowly, deeper into the forest where it is still and calm. 

Now you hear the soft burbling noise of a small river. You stop to listen. You fully hear its babbling language and know what it means. As you move to the edge of the river you see the water is brilliant and clear. It shines and sparkles like diamonds as it moves softly and smoothly. The water is so clear you can see the bottom of the river. You see smooth pebbles and tiny rocks swaying in the clear water.

You sit on the edge of the bank. You drop your feet into the water. It is cool and refreshing. You feel the sensation of it trickling over your skin. It is soothing and cool. You settle here and breathe. Breathe in (demonstrate). And out (demonstrate) x3. Enjoy it here, sitting on the edge of your river. 

You look up and the sun shines on your skin and you close your eyes. It’s rays warm your skin and you feel safe. You open your eyes and look down into the clear blue water. It is beautiful. 

You look at the pebbles at the bottom of the river. You feel a sense that something special to you is safe at the bottom of the river. The water is shallow. You walk steadily through the water to the middle of the river. The water flows calmly around your legs and gently caresses your skin. In the middle of the river you see your object resting at the bottom. It is an object that is meaningful to you. It is small. You watch the water gently flow around it. 

As you watch your object you feel happiness spread through your chest and into your whole body. This small object makes you feel love and contentment. It brings wonderful memories to your mind. It is safe as the clear water smooths over it in the river. You reach your hand into the cool flowing water and retrieve the object, holding it safely in the palm of your hand. Move slowly, back to the bank of the river. You lie down in the soft green grass, happily holding your object. It feels nice in your hand. Lay here on the side of the river. Feel the happiness in your body. Enjoy this gift. Close your eyes and relax on the soft luscious grass. 

Carefully put the object deep in your pocket. It feels nice and heavy in there. Deep down in your pocket. You feel it radiating warmth and happiness as it remains close to you. It is special and it is yours. No one can touch it as it is safe in your pocket. It is there whenever you want it . You lay on the grass. You are feeling happy and relaxed. Here on the cool grass you are still. Stay here and just breathe. Breathe in (demonstrate). And out (demonstrate). 

Just feel the relaxation in your body. Release your muscles, relax and feel content. 

Take a long, deep breath in. Fill your lungs. Breathe all your air out nice… and….slowly. 

Again, breathe in deeply. And out slowly. In. And out. 

-Longer pause-

Now it is time to gently reawaken your body and mind.

Keeping your eyes closed, notice the sounds around you. Feel the floor beneath you. Feel your clothes against your body.

Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Shrug your shoulders.

Open your eyes, and remain sitting for a few moments longer.

Straighten out your legs, and stretch your arms and legs gently.

Sit for a few moments more, enjoying how relaxed you feel, and experiencing your body reawaken and your mind returning to its usual level of alertness.

Slowly return to a standing position, and continue with the rest of your day, feeling re-energized.

Relaxing on the beach

Relax your body by releasing any areas of tension. Allow your arms to go limp... then your legs....

Feel your arms and legs becoming loose and relaxed...

Now relax your neck and back by relaxing your spine.... release the hold of your muscles all the way from your head, down your neck....along each vertebra to the tip of your spine...

Breathe deeply into your diaphragm, drawing air fully into your lungs.... and release the air with a whooshing sound....

Breathe in again, slowly.... pause for a moment.... and breathe out.....

Draw a deep breath in.... and out....

In..... out.....

Become more and more relaxed with each breath....

Feel your body giving up all the tension.... becoming relaxed.... and calm.... peaceful....

Feel a wave of relaxation flow from the soles of your feet, to your ankles, lower legs, hips, pelvic area, abdomen, chest, back, hands, lower arms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders, neck, back of your head, face, and the top of your head....

Allow your entire body to rest heavily on the surface where you sit or lie. Now that your body is fully relaxed, allow the visualization relaxation to begin.

Imagine you are walking toward the ocean.... walking through a beautiful, tropical forest....

You can hear the waves up ahead.... you can smell the ocean spray.... the air is moist and warm.... feel a pleasant, cool breeze blowing through the trees....

You walk along a path....coming closer to the you come to the edge of the trees, you see the brilliant aqua color of the ocean ahead....

You walk out of the forest and onto a long stretch of white sand.... the sand is very soft powder.... imagine taking off your shoes, and walking through the hot, white sand toward the water....

The beach is wide and long....

Hear the waves crashing to the shore....

Smell the clean salt water and beach....

You gaze again toward the water.... it is a bright blue-green....

See the waves washing up onto the sand..... and receding back toward the ocean.... washing up.... and flowing back down..... enjoy the ever-repeating rhythm of the waves...

Imagine yourself walking toward the water.... over the fine, hot sand.... you are feeling very hot....

As you approach the water, you can feel the mist from the ocean on your skin. You walk closer to the waves, and feel the sand becoming wet and firm....

A wave washes over the sand toward you.... and touches your toes before receding...

As you step forward, more waves wash over your feet... feel the cool water provide relief from the heat....

Walk further into the clear, clean water.... you can see the white sand under the water.... the water is a pleasant, relaxing temperature.... providing relief from the hot sun... cool but not cold....

You walk further into the water if you wish.... swim if you want to.... enjoy the ocean for a few minutes..... allow the visualization relaxation to deepen.... more and more relaxed... enjoy the ocean....

Now you are feeling calm and refreshed...

You walk back out of the water and onto the beach...

Stroll along the beach at the water's edge.... free of worries... no stress... calm..... enjoying this holiday....

Up ahead is a comfortable lounge chair and towel, just for you...

Sit or lie down in the chair, or spread the towel on the sand.... relax on the chair or towel.... enjoying the sun.... the breeze.... the waves.....

You feel peaceful and relaxed.... allow all your stresses to melt away....

When you are ready to return from your vacation, do so slowly....

Peaceful Meadow

Take a moment to relax your body. Get comfortable. Notice how your body feels, and make some slight adjustments to increase your comfort. Take a deep breath in. Hold it… and breathe out, releasing tension. 

Breathe in again, and as you exhale, allow your body to relax slightly.

Continue to breathe slowly…deeply. 

As you visualize the following scene, let your body and mind become more and more relaxed with each moment. 

Imagine yourself walking outdoors. 

You are walking through the trees...small aspens, their leaves moving in a slight breeze. 

The sun shines down warmly. 

You walk toward a clearing in the trees. As you come closer to the clearing, you see that it is a meadow. 

You walk out of the trees, into the meadow. Tall green grass blows gently...

You are probably feeling a bit tired...

It would be so nice to sit down in the grass. 

Walk further into the meadow now...looking around...

Imagine the meadow in your mind’s eye...what does the meadow look like? 

Find a place to sit. You might want to sit or lie down in the grass…perhaps you have a blanket with you that you can unroll over the soft grass and lie down.

Feel the breeze caress your skin as you sit or lie down in the sun. 

It is a pleasant day…warm, but not hot…quiet and peaceful. 

Notice the sights around you. The grass, whispering…see the mix of meadow grasses, clover, wildflowers around you. 

Watch a small ladybug climb a blade of grass. Climbing up toward the top, pausing for a moment, and then flying away. 

Imagine closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of the meadow. Hear birds singing…the breeze rustling the grass softly… 

Feel the sun on your face. Imagine turning your face up toward the sky, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun. 

Smell the grass…the wildflowers…the smell of the sun on the earth…

Look around again to see the sights around you. Notice how the ground follows gentle contours of hills. See the blue sky above you…a few wispy clouds drifting slowly by. 

See the trees at the edge of the meadow. 

The meadow is lush and green, a haven for birds and animals. As you watch, a deer peers out through the trees, and emerges to graze at the edge of the meadow. 

The deer raises its head to look at you, sniffing the breeze, and then turns, disappearing silently into the trees. 

Rest and luxuriate in this peaceful, beautiful meadow. Notice the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Feel the soft grass beneath you, the sun and breeze on your skin. Imagine all the details of this place. 


Now it is time to leave the meadow and return to the present. 

Classic Body scan

We’ll begin this practice with a body scan, going through the body and bringing our awareness to the physical sensations we are experience.

You can start by tuning into the crown of the head. Gently bring your awareness to the top of the head, tuning into whatever you are experiencing. There’s no right or wrong; just tune into whatever is physically present.

Drop down into the forehead and into the brow, again tuning into whatever is present. You may notice how the air feels on the skin, any tension or scrunching of the brow, or perhaps some feeling of relaxation. Whatever is present, simply be with it and tune in.

Continue into the eyes, where you may notice some movement even with eyes closed.

Move into the tip of the nose, the nostrils, and the upper lip. Here you may feel the body breathing. Just be with the inhale and exhale without judgement.

Drop into the mouth, tuning into the jaw, the lips, and the tongue. You may notice the moisture, how the tongue is resting, any tension or slack in the jaw, or whatever it is that is present.

Drop down into the neck and throat, noticing any tension or any movement of the body with the breath. Remember, there is nothing you should be experiencing; there is no right or wrong. Just tune into the direct physical experience. Let go of the judgements and thoughts, and return to the actual physical body.

You can move out the tops of the shoulders and into shoulder blades, perhaps noticing any movement with the breath or the sensation of the clothes on the body.

Dropping down into the upper arms and elbows, again just tune into whatever is directory present in your experience.

Continue down into the forearms and wrists, perhaps noticing any points of contact. Maybe your arms are resting in your lap or on the arms of the chair, and just notice how that feels.

And moving into the hands, go over the palms, the fingers, and the back of the hand. Notice any points of contact where the hands may be touching each other or resting in the lap. You may

notice that the temperature of the air feels different on the back of the hand than it does on the palm.

Come back up into the chest and rest here for a moment, tuning in to the body breathing. You can notice the rising and falling, the expansion and contraction, the natural movement of the body breathing itself.

(Allow a few moments to sit with the breath in the chest)

As you drop down into the abdomen and stomach, again you may notice the sensations of the body breathing. Rest your awareness with the body and just stick with whatever sensations arise.

Drop down into the hips, the pelvis, and the butt. You can probably feel the point of contact where your body meets the chair or cushion, and taking a moment to feel these sensations.

Move on into the thighs and knees, noticing any points of contact, any tensions, the clothes on the body, and anything else present in your direct experience.

Drop into the calves, shins, and ankles, seeing what’s present for you. Perhaps there is some ease, or some jittery or anxious feeling in the legs. Whatever is present, be with it.

Finally, move into the feet, going over the heel, the arch, the ball of the foot, the toes, and the top of the foot. Tune into the points of contact where the feet are touching the ground or tucked up underneath you.

Take a moment here at the end to tune into the whole body together, from head to toe. You may be able to feel the breath energy as it moves through the body. You can get a sense of the entire outline or posture of the body as it rests here.

(Allow for a few deep breaths like this.)

Body scan non specific

Bring your attention to the top of your head and notice what you feel there.  Possibly you feel the straps of your goggles, some extra warmth, maybe an itch…whatever you notice, just focus as fully on that physical feeling as you can.


Slowly move down to your brows and eyes, where maybe you feel some tension from the goggles, or feel the light bleeding through even with your eyes closed…there is no right or wrong, whatever you notice here, whatever physical sensations arise, just focus fully on that and be present with it.


Moving down to your nose and nostrils, you may feel the movement of your breath as it slowly enters and leaves your body, whatever you find here, take a moment to fully sit with it in this silence.


Moving further down your face to your lips and mouth, you may notice the moisture or dryness, the movement of your breath, the feeling of your teeth against your tongue, whatever it is you discover here, just notice it, feel it fully, allow it to be everything you are aware of.


Finally, move to the bottom of your head, to your chin and your jaw and the back of your head.  Perhaps you notice that it is cooler here than at the top of your head, or maybe you can feel a slight breeze against your skin.  There is nothing you should find, there is only what is.  Be with what is there and not with anything else.


Lets move down into our chests now, while we join each other in taking three very deep and very slow breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Notice the rising and falling, the expansion and contraction, the sensations of the body as it breathes.


Now I invite you to move to your favorite body part, no judgments, keep it to yourself, but bring your attention to this body part and see what you notice there.  Is there tension or relaxation you find?  Whatever you encounter here, simply notice it, and feel it as fully as you can.  And before we move on, thank this body part for being such a wonderful part of you.


Now lets move to a trickier part of our body, our least favorite body part.  Again, no judgments, only you will know.  But whatever part of your body you are angry at, or wish you could change, or just don’t like, bring all of your attention there and see what you find.  It may be pain, or some trapped emotions, it may be nothing at all.  There is no right or wrong, we are not here to judge, but simply to notice and to feel.  And maybe, just maybe if you feel up to it, see if you can wrap this tricky body part in a little love, even if begrudgingly.  It is, after all, a part of you.


And we are going to complete our body scan today by imagining our entire body as we sit here, from head to toe.  And as you picture your body, join me in taking three slow and deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Picture your entire self and follow your breath energy as it moves throughout your body.


And now please join me in one minute of silent meditation, if thoughts come, just allow them to pass and return to your breathing.

Meta Meditation on Loving Kindness

For our second meditation today we are going to do a metta meditation practice focused on the cultivation of positive emotion
In this case, loving kindness
Which is the desire for someone to be happy
Or for yourself to be happy
It’s not dependent on something, it’s not conditional
It’s just a natural opening of the heart
To someone else or to yourself
So you can check in to your body and notice how you’re feeling right now Letting whatever is here, be here
Now let yourself bring to mind
Someone whom, the moment you think of them, you feel happy
See if you can bring to mind
It could be a relative, a close friend
Some with not too complicated a relationship
Just a general sense, that when you think of them you feel happy
Can pick a child
So let them come to mind
Have them-- have a sense of them being in front of you
You can feel them, sense them, see them
And as you imagine them
Notice how you’re feeling inside
Maybe you feel some warmth
Or there’s some heat to your face
A smile, sense of expansiveness
This is a loving kindness
This is a natural feeling that’s accessible to all of us at any moment
So now having this loved one in front of you
Begin to wish them well
May you be safe and protected from danger
May you be happy and peaceful
May you be healthy and strong
May you have ease and wellbeing
And as I say these words, you can use my words or your own words
And have a sense of letting this loving kindness come from you

You might think in images
You might have a sense of colour or light
You might just have a feeling
The words may continue to bring on more of this feeling
And I encourage you to say whatever feels meaningful to you
May you be free from stress and anxiety
May you be free from all fear
And so as you’re sending out these words and these feelings of loving kindness Also check into yourself and see how you’re feeling inside
And now imagine that this loved one turns around
And begins to send it back to you
So see if you can receive the loving kindness
Take it in
And they’re wishing you well, may you be happy
Meaning you
May you be peaceful and at ease
May you be safe and protected from all danger
May you have joy, well being
Letting yourself take it in
Now if you’re not feeling anything at this point
Or before in the meditation
It’s not a problem
This is a practice that plants seeds
And if you’re feeling something else other than lovingkindness
Just check into that
What is it I’m feeling
There may be something to learn here
Now if it’s possible and it’s not always easy to do this
But see if you can send loving kindness to yourself
You can imagine it coming down your body from your heart
You can just have a sense of it
May I be safe and protected from danger
May I be healthy and strong
May I be happy and peaceful
May I accept myself just as I am
And as you ask yourself the question “what do I need to be happy?”
See what arrises
And offer that to yourself
May I have meaningful work
A joyful life
Close friends and family
And now checking into yourself
And noticing what it is you feel as you do this
And now let yourself bring to mind one person
Or a group of people that you wish to send the loving kindness to
Imagine them in front of you
Sense them, feel them
May you be happy and peaceful 

I invite you now to return to your breathing.  Taking three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Now it is time to gently reawaken your body and mind.

Keeping your eyes closed, notice the sounds around you. Feel the floor beneath you. Feel your clothes against your body.

Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Shrug your shoulders.

Open your eyes, and remain sitting for a few moments longer.

Straighten out your legs, and stretch your arms and legs gently.

Sit for a few moments more, enjoying how relaxed you feel, and experiencing your body reawaken and your mind returning to its usual level of alertness.

Slowly return to a standing position, and continue with the rest of your day, feeling re-energized.

Silent meditation practice

And now we will begin a musical meditation as we practice sitting with our breathing with only the music as a guide.

Let us first try one minute of this, slowly breathing in and out, and allowing your mind to focus entirely on your in breathe and your out breathe.

<Pause one min>

Good job, you did it. Now we are going to try three minutes, but instead of focusing on your breathing, I invite you to instead bring your awareness to the pause between your in breathe and out breathe. It may be easiest at first to mark each pause with a silent one count like this:

Breathing in, one, breathing out, one, breathing in, one and continuing like this to mark the pause with a one count. Ok, let’s try three minutes of that. And don’t worry, I will leave on the music so you will always have that to get lost in if the breathe work is too much.

2 min, 1 min…

Good job, three minutes can be surprisingly hard.

Now we are going to conclude with about four minutes of silent meditation, and I will leave it up to you how you want to focus your mind during this time, whether you want to concentrate on the music, or your breathing, or to just relax your body and be still.

After one minute: As thoughts intrude, just allow them to pass and return to your focus.

After two minutes: Remember, there is no right or wrong, whatever is working for you, focus on that.

After three minutes: Remember to return to your breathing…..

After four minutes or as music begins to taper:

Now it is time to gently reawaken your body and mind.

Keeping your eyes closed, notice the sounds around you. Feel the floor beneath you. Feel your clothes against your body.

Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Shrug your shoulders.

Open your eyes, and remain sitting for a few moments longer.

Straighten out your legs, and stretch your arms and legs gently.

Sit for a few moments more, enjoying how relaxed you feel, and experiencing your body reawaken and your mind returning to its usual level of alertness.

Slowly return to a standing position, and continue with the rest of your day, feeling re-energized.