Paul’s script

Every culture, religion and society has a creation story about God, Gods or divine movers who or what created the world we exist in, why it looks like it does, who is meant to live there and what’s what are the rules or ethics of the place where people exist together 

In our world of technology, there is a new category of gods who are creating worlds in which we increasingly inhabit. 


Welcome to You. Are. Here.  a VR show that explores the intersection of technology, spirituality and ethics as well as occasionally indulges in conversations about pop culture and politics.  My name is Paul Raushenbush. I’m a minister by training and have worked in Real Life as well as online as an advice and opinion columnist and editor at Beliefnet and HuffPost. 


I’m joined by the one and only Jeremy Nickel who is the founder of RevolvR and SacredVR and a UU minister and has also thought deeply about the questions that VR is posing for our society today.


Today we are very grateful to be joined by two people involved in creation of worlds and what they think about when involved in the act of making the space that you and I will inhabit.


The first is Shane Harris:

Lorelle VanFossen